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We are so glad you are here! We can't thank you enough for visiting our website and we truly hope you are able to join us in our new adventure.

By now, you will have received your invitation which included an RSVP link. We would kindly ask that RSVP's be submitted to us by February 28, 2017 so that we can put all the final details in place.

For those who are able to attend - our house is already filled with all the things we could ever need to make it a home. The presence of your company is the only gift we could ever ask for.

We hope we get to see you out west!


Jon- Rennie -

Born June 1, 1984, Jon spent most of his life growing up in Bolton.

To be continued...


Heather- Windsor -

Born on July 27, 1981, Heather was raised in Oshawa and attended elementary, secondary and post-secondary in the same city. An only child, Heather quickly learned how to keep herself busy with reading, writing, crafts and art. Her parents, Gayle and David, would take her on camping vacations every summer for up to 3 weeks - even driving all across to the east coast of Canada with their cat and dog. This greatly shaped her love of the outdoors. Growing up, Heather enjoyed playing many sports, signing in choir and music theatre, and honing her fine art skills. She maintained honour roll through every year of secondary school, and won awards for her art both in and outside the classroom. After being accepted to Durham College for Graphic Design in 2000, Heather made the decision to not complete her 5th year of high school, and instead went into an accelerated 2 year program. Upon graduation, Heather freelanced for various businesses before her son, Kaeden, was born in January 2003. This started a new chapter in Heather's life as she started on the path of entrepreneurship and in 2004, Heather Windsor Photography was started. Heather continued to work in the Graphic Design field for a number of years while photographing weddings and portraits on weekends. In 2008, Heather made the plunge to go full-time with her business and opened her own studio space in 2009. Heather has a great love of animals, cottage life, Caesars and naps.


A little timeline of our love story. You can read the whole story on Our Story page, as well as read the full proposal story and view our video.



Our story begins at a wedding show in Toronto, where Heather is first introduced to Jon by Alicia, who is Jon's friend and Heather's client.



Our first date consisted of dinner at California Grill in Toronto, followed by a few games of pool on the Danforth, and finally a late night of talking until almost 5am!



We made it ``official`` only a week after our first date, after many fun nights of hanging out together.



On a rainy (but beautiful) fall day at the cottage, Jon dropped to one knee to ask Heather to marry him (finally!)