For those who don't know our story, learn a little more about us.

Heather and Jon met for the first time at a wedding show in Toronto - but it was both slightly random and somewhat planned. Jon's friend, Alicia was helping him at his booth at the show on a very snowy January 3, 2010. Jon's best friend Brad and Alicia were getting married in October 2010 and had hired Heather in late 2009. Heather had planned to attend the wedding show with a friend (her current boyfriend's sister), and upon looking at who the photographers were at the show, she recognized Jon's name (Alicia had mentioned him during their meeting). She thought it would be worth it to possibly introduce herself before the wedding happened, and she also thought (from his website) he was pretty cute.
Once Heather came upon Jon's wedding booth, the first person she noticed was Alicia! Thankfully a familiar face! Heather went up to chat with Alicia and even though Jon was there and tried to talk to Heather, (according to Jon) Heather apparently ignored him. It was a brief chat, but the face to face had happened...and of course that means you have to add your new "friend" to Facebook.

A few weeks later, Jon was looking for someone to go skiing with him, and while (the newly single) Heather commented on his Facebook post, it went ignored. Another week or so later, Heather reached out to invite Jon to a photographer industry get together at her friend's studio. Jon realized he had another friend going, and said he would see her there. February 25th at the studio gathering, Heather realized just how interested she was in Jon. They chatted a lot, and Heather got the feeling Jon was following her around (Jon disagrees).

Jon left for a wedding in Mexico within the week. During his week in Mexico they spent every night chatting online until almost sunrise. By his second last night there, Jon had asked Heather on a date for when he returned.

Their first date was a bitterly cold and rainy March 12th. Heather drove to Jon's house in Toronto and they went out for dinner at California Grill. They followed that up with a round of drinks and pool at a local bar on the Danforth. Much like Mexico, they ended up chatting until the early hours of the morning. Enjoying each others company as much as they did, they ended up hanging out later that evening for Alicia's birthday party. There were many dates in that first week, and they made their relationship "official" on March 19th.

We had planned a trip to the cottage for Thanksgiving weekend, and there is nothing abnormal about that. We try to spend as much time up north as possible between our hectic wedding schedules. The main difference about this weekend, is that Jon’s parents were in Italy attending a wedding and so we’d have the place to ourselves. We had planned to maybe take a road trip to see the fall colours and had discussed Gravenhurst or maybe Algonquin. We knew for sure we would head down to Pretty Channel on Six Mile Lake, which is a spot we visit fairly often just for a fun hike or the odd engagement shoot for our couples. There are rapids to swim in during the summer months, and trails to hike around the area, which is popular with campers. We were disappointed to see that the colours weren’t quite at their usual stage of vibrancy yet, but it was a bit of a grey day, so we thought we’d go for a boat ride anyways.

On Saturday, October 8th, we hopped in Jon’s tin boat and headed down Lost Channel. After pulling the boat on shore, we hiked to our usual spot on the rocks to fly the drone. Jon set up two cameras to do some time lapses of the clouds, which is very normal for him at the cottage (or on any trip). He took a quick break in the woods, which started to get Heather thinking that maybe something was up. But much like every other time she *thought* he was going to propose – she didn’t want to overthink it, because it probably wouldn’t happen.

He launched the drone and flew a few laps around the area to check out the colour from above. He asked Heather to stand down by the water because he wanted to track her walking across the rocks. While she was waiting for him to give her the go ahead, she saw a shadow behind her move on the rocks…and then, “Heather?”. She turned around to see him on one knee with a ring in his hand (She assumed it was a ring because she honestly didn’t look at his hand). It was a lot of “No! Seriously?!” over and over again. Then the tears came…she went in for a hug and just started to bawl. She sobbed and cried and was generally just a mess by that point (and this was thankfully cut from the finished video). She still hadn’t even looked at the ring, nor was it on her finger yet! He put the ring on, and they hugged and Heather cried more and then started asking him a million questions…because that’s what she does! She wanted to know everything about how it happened leading up to this moment. This is where he also showed her that his “sneaking off to the bathroom in the woods”, was really to put on a hidden mic (which she aptly sobbed into and ruined part of the audio track).

We can't wait for this new adventure to start and are excited for you to all share in it with us!